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The Name "Burwood"

Burwood Weightlifting Club has been a name synonymous with olympic weightlifting in Australia since 1967, and is one of the oldest olympic weightlifting clubs in Australia. The Club was originally sited in the Burwood PCYC but moved to its current location in 2016. Over the years Burwood Weightlifting Club has produced a huge number of Australian representatives, both lifters and officials. The mission of our Club is to produce champion weightlifters in a friendly, welcoming but challenging environment. 

The Gym


The gym occupies an area of approximately 300 meters and is fully equipped with 11 training platforms and a full-sized competition platform. We use a combination of Uesaka, SMAI and Zhang Kong weights. There is also an area specifically set up for accessory and body-building exercises.  Changing facilities are available. A great deal of pictorial weightlifting history adorns the walls. We at Burwood have an open-door policy, so any lifter from any club is welcome to train at our facility. Situated in Sydney Olympic Park - the home of the 2000 Olympics, Burwood Weightlifting Club is easy to get to with Olympic Park railway station just 100 metres from the gym and also there is easy parking out front. Burwood Weightlifting Club is one of the best pure weightlifting facilities in Australia.

The Head Coach


The Head Coach is Dr. Rob Mitchell - otherwise known as "Doc" -  who has been a lifter himself and since 2000 an accredited coach with the Australian Weightlifting Federation. He is currently a Level 3 (international) coach.  Rob has been the President of the Australian Weightlifting Federation (2010-2014) and NSW Weightlifting Association (2006-2008). He is also a member of the AWF High Performance Advisory Group and is a lead presenter with the AWF Coach Education Program. Rob has coached Australian Teams and been the Manager of many Australian Teams culminating in being appointed Section Head of the XX Australian Commonwealth Games team. Robert is currently the NSW Head Coach. Rob is generous with his time and supports his lifters 100%

Assistant Coaches

Ricky Huang
AWF Level 3
Keanu Crous
AWF Level 1
Bryan Ngo
Level 1
Jun (Margaret) Yue
AWF Level 1
Education Programs


The Head Coach, Dr. Rob Mitchell, is a lead presenter for the Australian Weightlifting Federation's Coach Education Program, and consequently Burwood Weightlifting Club has full audiovisual facilities to enable delivery of education, coaching and lifting workshops. If you would like to participate in an AWF Coaching Course, please visit the AWF web site for full details. Independent coaching seminars are delivered throughout the year and details of these will be announced on Facebook and Instagram 

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