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Olympic weightlifting is a high performance sport and joining our Club is predicated on you training to compete in official weightlifting competitions sanctioned by the Australian Weightlifting Federation. It is therefore essential to train at least 4 times a week, and to join the New South Wales Weightlifting Association. Training programs are written by the Head Coach and training sessions are supervised by the Club's coaches

Prior to taking out membership you will be given a 1 month free trial period to see if you like the sport and if you are suited to it. Membership fees are extremely reasonable and they cover all aspects of Club membership.



When you join Burwood High Performance Weightlifting Club you will be training in a friendly, welcoming and supportive environment with lifters of all standards ranging from beginner to international levels. Once you commit to membership you will receive a training program written by the Head Coach, Robert Mitchell, and you will commence your weightlifting journey. Your training will be supervised by at least one of our accredited coaches and your progress carefully monitored. Weightlifting training has great benefits to your physical and mental health, and not only that,  you will form strong friendships that will last a lifetime.

Training is fun and you will see results fairly quickly. Competing will be the ultimate measure of your progress and determination

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